What Is The Best Programming Language To Build A Database?

September 10, 2022
What Is The Best Programming Language To Build A Database
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Old programming languages eventually become obsolete, while new languages are created. However, they never get traction. Beginners (and coders alike) often ask which programming language to learn, as it is highly in demand, offers stable prospects and many jobs, and is also in order. In this writing, we will discuss how a Web design Milwaukee company helps you find the best programming language.

What Programming Language Should You Learn?

Each programming language has its purpose, and each one has its merits and detractors. The best programming language to learn depends on how familiar you are with coding. These 3 criteria will help you narrow down your choices.

  1. There are job opportunities in the language you choose.
  2. Popularity of the chosen programming language should increase.
  3. Your Career / Life Goals.

Below are the Top 10 Programming Languages You Can Learn Right Now. To help you decide, we have included sample usage and applications of each language.

1. Python

It was created by Guido van Rossum, a Python developer. It was released for the first time in 1991.


  • It is an excellent programming language that supports multiple platforms and systems.
  • Object-Oriented Programming is (OOPs) driven.
  • Increases Programmer Productivity
  • This is one of the most popular coding languages you can learn. It allows you to scale even the most complex applications with ease.
  • Extensive Support Libraries


  • Ideal for Mobile Computing
  • Python's database access layer may be a little primitive and underdeveloped.

Application/Usage: Web and Internet Development. Scientific and Numeric Applications. Desktop GUIs. Business applications. It is used extensively in the AI and Machine Learning space.

The median pay for a Python developer in the United States is $114,383 annually.

Learning Difficulty - Easy

Reason Selected: Machine Learning and AI are rapidly developing fields. Python is a standard programming language for such programs.

2. Java

In 1996, James Gosling was the primary designer of Java at Sun Microsystems.


  • Object-Oriented language
  • Java provides APIs for various activities such as Database connection, networking, and utilities.
  • Open-source Rapid Development tools that are powerful and easy to use
  • It's one of the most famous programming languages to learn, with a large number of open-source libraries


  • Java memory management is costly
  • Templates may limit your ability to create data structures of high quality.
  • Java is used mainly to develop Android apps, web applications, and Big Data.
  • The median salary for Java developers in the United States is $101,013 annually.

Java learning difficulty: Java is easy.

Reason selected: Java is gaining popularity. Java skills are in high demand.

3. R

Robert Gentleman created R at the University of Auckland and Ross Ihaka. The original idea for this project was in 1992. It was discharged as a beta version in 2000.


  • R, a statistical analysis language that allows you to create new ideas, is one of the most popular programming languages.
  • A statistical language that is very easy to code
  • R stands for open-source software. It is open-source software, which implies anyone can modify it.
  • R is for GNU/Linux or Microsoft Windows.
  • R is a cross-platform programming language used on different operating systems.


  • R refers to packages whose quality is below the mark
  • R doesn't have the best memory management. It may use all of the memory available.

Application/Usage: Data Science projects, Statistical computing, and Machine learning

Salary: The average annual pay for an R developer is between $90,042 and $136,616

Learning Difficulty - Hard

Reason Selected: Data Sciences are a growing field, and R is primarily used to perform Data Analysis.

4. Javascript

JavaScript was initially known as Live Script in September 1995, when it shipped with Netscape Navigator 2.0. It was later renamed JavaScript.


  • Client-side JavaScript dashes as it can sprint in the client browser
  • JavaScript, which is easy to learn, is one of the most popular coding languages.
  • It is an excellent programming language that can be used in many applications and works well with other languages.
  • Grease monkey support to create JavaScript snippets that can execute on specific web pages


  • JavaScript does not allow multiple inheritances.
  • JavaScript does not support copying or similar methods.
  • JavaScript is interpreted differently by different browsers.

JavaScript Usage/ Applications: JavaScript is used for web/mobile app, game, and desktop application development.

Salary: The average salary for Javascript developers in the United States is $110,981 annually

Learning Difficulty - Easy

Reason Selected: NodeJS JavaScript now supports Server Side Scripting. JavaScript is an essential language. There will always be a demand for JS skills.

5. Swift

Apple created swift in July 2010. Objective-C is not required for iOS developers.


  • Swift program codes are close to natural English, making them easy to understand.
  • It is a beneficial programming language that can be easily added to, which allows for rapid high-level language development.
  • It is a great coding language that doesn't have a long code line.
  • Automatic Memory Management prevents memory leaks


  • Swift can be somewhat unstable due to the constant updating of Swift versions of Apple.
  • Swift is a new programming language. The Swift developer pool is small.

Use applications:

Swift is a specially-designed language that works with Apple's Cocoa Touch and Cocoa frameworks to create any iOS app.

Salary: The average iOS developer salary in the United States is $130,801 per annum

Learning difficulty: Easy

Reason Selected: Apple! Do we need to say more?

6. C++


C++ was created by Bjarne Strroustrup in 1983.


  • This language is trendy, so there are many compilers available.
  • C#, Java, and C++ have a similar syntax to C++. That makes it easy for anyone familiar with C++ to learn.
  • It is one the most popular coding languages that do not have a garbage collector running in its background.


  • This language is difficult for beginners because of its complex syntax and small standard library.
  • C++ programs cannot support garbage collection or dynamic memory allocation
  • C++'s object orientation system is not as essential as other languages.
  • C++ is used extensively in Game Development, Advance Computations, and Graphics Compilers.


The average annual salary for C++ developers in America is $113,865

Learning Difficulty - Hard

Reason Selected: C++ is a strong language widely used across many fields. C++ will never go out of fashion

7. C#


C# is a programming language for computers. That was the first version to be released in 2001.


  • C# follows a similar syntax to C, making it easy for people familiar with the C language.
  • Easy Integration with Windows makes it one of the most popular coding languages.
  • Fully integrated with.NET library, which gives access to repository functionality and support.
  • More secure than its namesakes (C /++), pointer types are not allowed


  • Allows pointers to 'unsafe block.'
  • Use applications: Widely used in Enterprise Cross-Applications Development and Web Applications.


The average salary of a "C# developer" is $66,493 to $101,775 annually

It isn't easy to learn

Reason Selected: This skill is highly sought after and widely used in Enterprise software.

8. PHP

Year created:

In 1994, Rasmus Lerdorf founded PHP


  • PHP programming is easy
  • Functional and Object-Oriented programming
  • It is a top-rated programming language that has large open-source software communities
  • It is a coding language with a good set of automation tools for testing and deployment.
  • It is an open-source programming language


  • PHP does not have a debugging tool, so error handling is limited.
  • PHP Web Development takes longer than other programming languages to develop a website.

Use applications: Web Applications. Content Management Systems. eCommerce Applications.


An average salary for a PHP developer in the US is $84,727 annually

Learning Difficulty - Easy

Reason selected: PHP is the most popular scripting language used to create WordPress and Facebook. There are always PHP jobs.

9. SQL

Created - SQL was developed at IBM by Donald D. Chamberlin, Raymond F. Boyce, and Raymond F. Boyce. In 1979, this language was made publicly available.


  • Powerful query language
  • Optimized for large tables rows
  • Quick for querying and searching data
  • Consistency and high availability of data
  • Quick for retrieving data from multiple tables


  • It is difficult to convert data from objects into database tables
  • It is limited to a single server. Increasing speed requires upgrading hardware.
  • SQL databases are run on one server. If the server stops working, it should not access the database.

Use any of the following usage applications in your database

Salary: In the United States, the middle pay for SQL Developers is $84,792 per annum

It's not easy to learn complex subjects

Reason Selected: SQL and database knowledge is essential for any software developer, regardless of language or profile.


These are the best programming languages to create a database. This article should assist you in finding the best. Soft Circles, LLC is a Web development company in Milwaukee that specializes in programming languages. For more information, visit their website.


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