What Are The Best Fonts For Graphic Design?

February 18, 2022
What Are The Best Fonts For Graphic Design?
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For many years, graphic design was confined to enhancing a document, a website, or an object for the sake of promotion and marketing. However, advancements in online and mobile technology have resulted in the development of a valuable tool for effectively interacting with an audience.

It can be a banner, logo design, slogans, the front end of an online store, a flyer, a brochure, or anything else that begins with a concept and progresses via artwork, geometric forms, signs, symbols, and typefaces.

Among other things, the font plays a critical part in graphic design since it speaks for the complete composition.

Professionals have an eye for detail, which is why they understand the value of selecting the appropriate font type, size, and formatting style. Every designer should have a robust collection of professional fonts, but with many available, which are the must-haves? The following are the top three fonts used by graphic designers:


Helvetica is a popular font among graphic designers, whether they are professionals or operate as a mid-to-senior resource. Professionals' opinions on this typeface vary, as some commend it for its distinctive and easy presentation, while others claim that the space between characters is a little too close. This might be due to the stylistic variances between designers. In comparison, professional typographers are meticulous; they classify and utilize fonts according to the scope and purpose of a project.


The professional designers Frere-Jones and Hoefler launched Gotham in 2000. They aimed for a clean, contemporary, and professional typeface design.

Additionally, they have successfully communicated their skill using the Gotham font. That is why, for more than thirteen years, it was the industry's preferred font. Additionally, it was rumored that Gotham was a favorite font of President Obama's and that he used it solely for posters and fliers throughout the 2008 race. The rumor may be accurate or not, but Gotham's popularity is genuine and audacious.


Svetoslav Simov, Plamen Motev, Mirela Belova, Stan Partalev, Nikolay Petroussenko, and Ventsislav Dzhokov created Nexa, which was released by Fontfabric. Nexa is available in 36 different styles and family package combinations.

Nexa is a sans serif font family suitable for online and print design. It is a contemporary sans serif family comprised of sixteen fonts (eight uprights with eight italics). The font is easily legible and has a modern geometric form.

Because typography has the power to make or ruin a graphic design project, it is critical to use a professional font. These fonts are ideal for branding, logos, and packaging, and are constantly on hand for graphic designers looking to create professional-looking projects.

We now know what the best fonts are for graphic designers, so here is another blog that reveals the best applications for graphic designers. Click here for more information. 

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